HK Pools – The Best Views and Facilities

hongkong pools

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Public and government-run swimming pools in Hong Kong are aplenty, but they don’t tend to offer the best views or secluded oasis vibes you might be looking for on your summer swim getaway. Luckily, many hotels have their own breathtaking pools that boast gorgeous water zones, stunning views, and top-notch facilities.

The sleek modern and expansive terrace pool at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong offers a resort style experience amidst the city’s towering skyscrapers. It’s heated perfectly for casual swimmers and also has a frigid plunge pool and whirlpool with excellent views. The pool also hosts a range of water sports, yoga and tai chi classes, and is open to hotel guests and members of the pool club.

If you’re up for a more thrilling pool adventure, check out Hotel Indigo’s rooftop pool found on the 29th floor. Not only is it glass-bottomed, but it’s right at the building’s edge, meaning if you look down while you are in the pool, you’ll be directly above the streets of Hong Kong! This pool is a must-see for Instagrammers thanks to the beautiful views and photo opportunities it provides.

Aside from the amazing views, Hotel Indigo’s pool is home to an array of fun activities that will be sure to make you insta-famous! Take a dive into the glass-bottomed pool and see the dazzling skyscrapers of Hong Kong below you, or book in for an indulgent wine paired dinner while you enjoy classical music underwater.

Around 20 of the 45 public pools in Hong Kong will only partially reopen this summer due to a lack of lifeguards, according to representatives from the Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union. The union warned that this would affect swimming clubs and their students, who might have to cancel classes.

For a truly luxurious and tranquil experience, head to Asaya at the Portier Development on Victoria Harbour for a dip in their breathtaking infinity pool. It’s one of the highest pools in Hong Kong and offers a stunning view over Victoria Harbour and Kowloon City. After your swim, you can enjoy a drink at the bar or book in for a wellness class held by the pool.

While most public and government-run swimming pools are expected to reopen this week, some may remain closed for cleaning or staffing reasons during the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, if you’re a swimmer in search of a serene oasis, there are plenty of hotel pools with gorgeous water zones to choose from.