Singapore Pools Scales Its Operations With Oracle Cloud Observability and Management

sgp pools

sgp pools

Singapore Pools, the country’s only legal lottery and sports betting platform, aims to continue its commitment to charity and society by deploying a new IT infrastructure that enables them to scale their operations. To achieve this, they have implemented a cloud-based application monitoring system – Oracle Cloud Observability and Management – to monitor and optimize their applications. This system enables them to automatically track performance, availability and load analysis to increase application uptime and reduce troubleshooting times by half.

The solution was chosen based on its scalability and robustness. It also provides comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities to meet the needs of the business and improve decision-making. Furthermore, the platform can be easily customized and integrated with existing systems to enable the company to maximize its return on investment. In addition, the solution has proven to be cost-effective by providing a low TCO with quick ROI.

With iShine Cloud, Yeo’s team of IT engineers now has a central repository and single source of information that stores enterprise architecture processes, artifacts and their relationships. This ensures that all team members have access to the same information and facilitates effective collaboration. The team is also able to see holistic, interrelated Architecture Views and trace each component across different domains allowing total visibility and traceability within the organization.

Another important aspect of the solution is its ability to support the organization’s digital transformation efforts. It has enabled them to streamline their IT processes and deliver innovative services more efficiently. In the long run, this will improve operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. It will also help the organisation to stay ahead of competition by being able to respond to changing market trends and customer demands more rapidly.

Aside from reducing the number of manual IT processes, the solution also has helped the company to save on IT operating costs by streamlining the process of transferring data from one system to another. This translates into significant savings on hardware, software and licensing fees. It has also helped the company to focus more on their core business activities, allowing them to achieve their goals faster and better.

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