Manage Your Own Data Centre With DigitalOcean

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For organisations looking to leverage their data to drive better business decisions and achieve greater customer engagement, there is never been a more important time to get it right. However, achieving true success requires the right people and processes to overcome significant challenges including the speed of information flow, classical data governance issues, evolving regulatory landscapes and the promise of technologies like AI.

Thankfully, DigitalOcean makes it easy to manage your own enterprise grade data centre in Sydney. We provide the platform, infrastructure and security to build, test, and deploy your own applications using a wide range of open source software, such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and more. We also enable you to easily access these popular tools, through our unified APIs and command line interfaces. This means you can spend less time deploying and managing your applications, and more time delivering innovative solutions to your customers.

Our Sydney data centres, SYD1 and SYD2, are built on industry leading open source software – Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks. Both SYD1 and SYD2 are built with a strong focus on security and privacy. The entire infrastructure is housed in a secure cage with floor-to-ceiling panelling, meaning no one other than DigitalOcean staff has access to your data. We also support a range of security protocols, including TLS.

The key to success in the digital economy is being able to collect, store and analyse massive amounts of data in real time, but many organisations struggle with how to do this effectively. This is because they often lack the infrastructure, skills or resources to do it correctly. As a result, they risk losing valuable competitive advantage or failing to realise the full potential of their data assets.

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In addition to the standard features available on all our data centres, SYD1 and SYD2 offer a range of premium add-ons to help you maximise performance. These include: