A Closer Look at Sydney Pools

For all its fame as the home of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney has a lesser-known claim to swim pool fame: it is said to have more ocean pools than any other city in the world. Its venerable collection of pools is beloved by locals and visitors, and has been an important part of Sydney’s public culture since the 1800s. Now, with one iconic pool getting a contentious upgrade, it’s worth revisiting the history of this enduring community treasure.

The North Sydney Olympic Pool is a Sydney landmark. Framed by the Harbour Bridge and the grinning face of Luna Park, its art deco harbourside wall is decorated with seashells, pointy-nosed dolphins and seagull-like white birds that look like they’re pretending to be the Egyptian bird god Horus, their banded wings loftily spread. It is a place of legends and records: 86 world swimming records have been broken at the pool over its long life, which began in 1904.

These days, however, the pool is surrounded by hoarding as it gets a $64 million-plus revamp. Its scale and scope are controversial, and it’s faced with design criticism, cost blowouts and heritage concerns. Despite these challenges, the redevelopment is expected to be completed in November and will include pool upgrades and a water play area for children.

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