How to Be a Good Blackjack Dealer


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and involves the dealer dealing two cards to each player. The player then has the option to hit, which means taking another card, or stand, which means staying with their current hand. The player may also opt to surrender, which lets them reclaim half of their bet. This option is best used when the player has a weak hand that is unlikely to beat the dealer’s.

Some casinos offer different rules for the game. Some allow players to look at multiple hands before making a decision and others do not. In most cases, these changes reduce the house edge and increase the player’s chances of winning. Some casinos even remove all the ten-value cards from the deck, which makes it impossible to count cards in the game. This is a huge mistake and should be avoided at all costs.

As a blackjack dealer, you are on the frontline of ensuring that casino games are fair and played by everyone in an ethical manner. In order to ensure this, you must be able to manage your personal bias and avoid becoming embroiled in any personal or family conflicts that might affect your ability to deal. This includes not engaging with any players who are obviously intoxicated beyond necessary, game-related communication.

The first step to being a successful blackjack dealer is learning the rules of the game. While there are a lot of variations to the game, all blackjack games share certain basic rules. This includes knowing the numerical value of each card from 2-10, that face cards are worth 10, and that aces can either be valued as 1 or 11, depending on the player’s preference. In addition, you should know how to make the correct plays for each type of hand.

To maximize your chance of winning at blackjack, you should always follow basic strategy. This will not guarantee you a win every time, but it will reduce the house edge to about 1% of your total bet. There are a number of charts available online that outline the basics of strategy, including separate charts for hard and soft hands.

The most common mistakes made by blackjack players are making incorrect bets and playing their hands too aggressively. A good way to prevent this from happening is to practice before you play for real money. There are a number of free online blackjack games that you can use to familiarize yourself with the rules and learn how to play properly. Once you have a firm grasp of the rules, you can then begin to experiment with different bets and strategies. By doing this, you can find the optimal blackjack strategy that works for your situation and budget. The more you practice, the better you will become. Eventually, you should be able to beat the house with perfect play. This is very difficult to achieve, however, so most players settle for following basic strategy.